Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Week 1: Getting caught up with Automated Transit Network (ATN) technology!

Now that you can successfully navigate https://ujfutran.blogspot.com/, and have created your individual and team blog spots, it is time to get caught up on ATN technology!

  1. Please read the first 14 pages of "Automated Transit Networks (ATN): A Review of the State of the Industry and Prospects for the Future" authored by Burford Furman, Ph.D., Lawrence Fabian, Sam Ellis, Peter Muller, and Ron Swenson. The publication can be found here:  http://transweb.sjsu.edu/PDFs/research/1227-automated-transit-networks.pd 
    1. The pages from this document will get you caught up on the key principals of ATN technologies, and ATN systems that exist today.
  2. San Jose State University's Mechanical Engineering Department, located in Silicon Valley California, and led by Dr. Burford Furman and Ron Swenson, have been developing ATN technologies since 2012 known as the Spartan Superway. The Spartan Superway and Futran have formed an alliance to aid in implementing a new-age, universal paradigm of urban transportation. Please read the Spartan Superway White Paper to get more detail on ATN technologies that utilize solar energy to provide sufficient energy to power the entire transportation system.  http://www.inist.org/library/2017-03-14.FurmanSwensonHagstrom.SpartanSuperwayWhitePaper.SpartanSuperway.pdf
  3. A wide range of projects related to the Spartan Superway Project can be found here: http://www.inist.org/library/. Please explore the International Institute of Sustainable Transportation's library to gain a deeper understanding of work that has been completed to aid the launch of solar-powered ATN technologies.
  4. Finally, the Spartan Superway Project also has a blog spot that should be explored to find work that has been completed by students over the years. http://spartansuperway.blogspot.com/

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