Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Week 1: Presentation 1

Now that you have done research related to ATN technologies, it is time to create a presentation in Google Slides to show what you have learned, and how and why ATN technologies should be implemented in Africa!

Topics to cover in your presentation:

  1. Discuss a few key ATN technology features that are superior to conventional modes of personal and public transportation and why. 
  2. Create a few slides that explain what is wrong with current transportation systems (cars, buses, trains, subways, etc). Look at it from various angles: congestion, safety, comfort, privacy, personal security, speed, pollution, etc. 
  3. Create a few slides stating transportation problems you see that Africa suffers from daily. 
  4. Explain how ATN can provide solutions to transportation problems Africa endures, and how it can help the rest of the world.

Guidelines to follow:

  1. Presentation should be completed in Google Slides so the presentation can be "published" to your team blog spots! 
    1. Template for the presentation can be found here: Please create a copy of this Google Slide document and save it in your own drive, then edit it accordingly! 
  2. Please use Assertion-Evidence (A-E) method for your entire presentation. The template I have provided above in step 1 has been set up in A-E method, so please look at the notes in the template and follow them. Please read the following links to understand why A-E method is the best method when creating and giving presentations! This link will help you learn the key principals of A-E method, while this link will visually show you some examples of A-E slides. Remember: there should only be one assertion statement per slide in your presentation, followed by a picture that serves as evidence to your assertion statement. 
  3. Please maintain eye contact with your audience, speak loud enough so the audience in the back of the room can hear you, and dress business casual. 

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